Dear Dr. Jin – I’m one happy mommy today!!

I had been so stressed out lately after taking my son to the pediatric dentist last month. It felt like an assembly line service with no personal touch. All they kept talking about was that my three-year old was too fidgety and they would need to put him under general anesthetic to fix his cavity! They told me there was no other option!

But when I spoke with you about my son’s case, you gave me a lot of peace even though there was no guarantee. When I walked into your office, the assistants and hygienists were all so friendly. My son is usually very clingy but the hygienist got down to his level, played with him a bit, conversed with him, and made him so comfortable that he took her hand to go inside. And best of all, you managed to fix his cavity without any freezing too!!! Dr. Jin, you are one smart dentist!!! I am soooo grateful and happy and relieved…!! I can’t thank you enough!

Lachmi M., Richmond

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