I have been a patient of Dr. Bernard Jin since he took over the practice of my former dentist. Having being a very satisfied patient of the clinic for 30 years, I was a little apprehensive of the change. I soon felt confident that Dr. Jin was indeed an excellent dentist. He is an extremely meticulous and dedicated professional.

My daughter who had been a patient at the clinic from childhood, married and moved to Langley. She thought this might be a good opportunity to find a dentist closer to home, especially having children of her own. She had an emergency situation with her six month old baby, when one of his two teeth became dislodged. Horrified, she immediately called Dr. Jin on his emergency line. He gave her advice and told her to call back at anytime should things change. They did that evening and he opened his office, checked the baby, consoled the mother and gained a loyal patient, who would travel any distance to have him as the family’s dentist. By the way, that was a Sunday evening and I also believe he left dinner guests to tend to this child. I’m sure being the father of two young children himself, Dr. Jin could appreciate a parent’s concern.

I’m a secretary in a local elementary school and have had several occasions where a student has needed immediate dental attention and didn’t have a dentist. One day we sent a young girl, who had fallen off the playground equipment, with her front permanent tooth in a glass of milk, to Dr. Jin’s office. The tooth was saved and her parents were delighted to have found a good dentist. Dr. Jin has always been extremely accommodating with our emergencies.

On a personal level, I find Dr. Jin, his associates, hygienists, dental assistants, and office staff very friendly and efficient. The fact that they call to remind you of appointments is a great help to me. I have referred several friends to his office and they’ve always come back with positive feedback. Dr. Jin and his staff always respond, acknowledging their appreciation. I feel fortunate to have such good dental care for myself and my family and I want others to feel the same. I look forward to enjoying the services of Smiles Unlimited for many years to come.

Diane L., Coquitlam

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