Dental Hygiene (Cleaning)
Your teeth and gums require regular inspections and cleanings to remain healthy. Our professional staff of registered dental hygienists and certified dental assistants take great pride to deliver you the best care possible. From polishing away plaque and stains from your teeth, to reviewing your brushing or dietary habits, our gentle team will individualize the appointment to suit your needs.

Examinations (Intra and Extra-Oral, Intra-Oral Photography)
Using intraoral digital cameras, x-rays and readings of your teeth, gums and bones, we are able to determine the health of your smile. We routinely update your medical history and perform soft tissue evaluations of the head and neck regions. Our office believes that prevention (rather than correction) is the key to a healthy smile.

On occasion, a tooth simply cannot be salvaged and must be extracted. You can be assured that our team of dentists is equipped to provide you with the best care possible, using the latest techniques and materials.

Gingival Corrective Therapies (for Gum Recession)
Having healthy gums affect healthy bone levels, which in turn affects the overall health of your teeth. With the techniques and technology available today, we can predictably repair most cases of gum recession and manage most cases of gum disease. Gingival grafting can return your tooth to its previous healthy and esthetic state.

Preventive Sports Mouth Guards
Most sports-related injuries to the mouth and jaw can be easily prevented with a proper fitting sports guard. Our office provides professional grade customized sports guards to many local sports teams. New Technology! Smiles Unlimited Dentalis an Authorized Under Armour® Dental Provider! We now offer the same revolutionary performance enhancing UnderArmour® Sports Guard (with ArmourBite™ Technology) that Professional athletes use! Click here to find out more!

Preventive Anti-Grinding (Bruxing) Guards
Likewise, teeth can be damaged from heavy grinding or clenching. This is a common phenomenon for many adults. A simple customized plastic mouthguard can do much to prevent heavy damage from grinding/clenching.

TMJ Assessments & Management (Jaw Joint & Muscle Function)
We realize that some people suffer from TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint) disorder. Also known as TMD, this disorder needs to be diagnosed and managed accordingly. Our team of board certified dentists can help you determine which form of TMD condition you may have. We can then offer you various therapy options to manage and possibly resolve the condition. Treatment options may range from simple splint therapy to Low Level Laser Therapy, or rehabilitative physiotherapy.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom teeth do not always need to be removed. However, most young adults (between ages 16 – 24) will need to have their wisdom teeth removed due to space concerns, impactions, risk of infections and/or cyst formations. If you have wisdom teeth and are concerned about them, we will be glad to meet with you to review and discuss your options concerning your wisdom teeth.

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