Common Causes of Thrush.

One of the most common questions about thrush is how to find a natural cure. Yeast infections, however, can be stubborn and recurring, so it's also helpful, while you search for that cure, to find out more about what causes them.

In this article, we will look at the causes of yeast infections, so that when you do seek a natural cure, yeast infections will be cured for good, and not come back to haunt you!

Naturally Occurring

Before you start to panic, it's good to understand that the yeast or fungus that causes yeast infections, usually Candida Albicans, is naturally occurring in the body. All it takes is a slight imbalance in the flora or bacteria that control it and it will flare up, causing a yeast infection. Since the infection itself is simply a natural overproduction of this fungus, it makes sense that with a natural cure, yeast infections can be kept at bay.

Yeast Infection Causes in Babies and Children

When it comes to a natural cure, yeast infections in children and babies might be as easy to solve as proper sterilization of bottles, teats and dummies. This is because the fungus that causes thrush can adhere to these items, and cause a flare up in Candida in your childs mouth. Its also worth noting that nappy rash is a form of yeast infection so bear in mind when you are looking for a natural cure: yeast likes warm, damp places keep things dry and you should be fine!

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Vaginal Yeast Infections

Another very common cause for searching for a natural cure, yeast infections in the vaginal area is nonetheless very unpleasant!

Common causes of this type of infection include wearing non breathable underwear, thus creating an environment where yeast can grow, excessive douching, and many others. Its worth noting that yeast infections are sexually transmissible, so if you have a vaginal yeast infection, using protection when you have sex, or abstaining until it is cleared up is imperative otherwise you will simply continue to pass the infection back and forth!

Yeast Infection Triggers

Of course, you might not notice the cause of your yeast infection on this list. It could be that you are on antibiotics, which have killed the good bacteria that usually keep it in check. Or it could be that you are simply under stress, and your immune system is down. There are many potential causes of yeast infection, but with a natural cure, yeast infections are usually treatable before they get out of hand.

With Natural Cures, Yeast Infections Are Treatable

Natural cures for yeast infections are usually the simplest option. In fact, if you are at risk, for example, if you are on anti biotics, you can use them as preventive, rather than curative measures. With natural cures, yeast infections should be a thing of the past, so simply eat some natural live culture yogurt every day, or take acidophilus tablets, and you should never feel the itch! Even if you do, it will be far milder than it would have been!

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