Complete Home Gym in 56 Square Feet

Over the past few weeks I've been remodeling my condo as a "quality of life exercise" for Grechen and me. The idea is to make more efficient use of limited space, so that we can continue to enjoy our downtown living experience for years to come.

Yesterday I was able to give away old (but very good) office furniture to my brother, who was also kind enough to haul it away to his suburban home. Today I set up my home gym in the space where my office used to be (my office is now in the master bedroom, which is very large and has plenty of space.) It's actually situated in about half of the second bedroom, or approximately 7 feet by 8 feet worth of space, where the fit is tight but everything is still very functional. I already had all the equipment, so all I had to do was situate it in it's new space. The result is a compact, but complete home gym.

The gym features a set of dumbells with stand, a 3 position bench, an exercise bike, and a compact sound system with subwoofer that I can connect my iPod. (remember, this is a condo with neighbors, so a huge amplifier/speaker combination is out of the question.) There is also a bathroom accessible from the room!

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So this gym has it all - enough equipment for upper and lower body strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and entertainment (music). Sure it's a bit small, but I actually have plenty of room to maneuver regardless of what exercise I choose to do at any given time. While a health and fitness club may offer more room to stretch out, can you think of any such clubs that feature comfortable berber carpet and a private bathroom?

Ah there's no place like home!

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