30 Day Yoga Challenge Week 4

Hey there everyone, how's the challenge going for you? I know I have really enjoyed it, hope you guys did too.

Now, b ecause we are short 2 day this month, I had to double up a few days.

This week was week 4 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

So let's get our yoga onlol

Day 22 Restorative Yoga (20:28)

What a lovely way to start the week. So relaxing. I really love the restorative sequences.

Day 23 Yoga for the Neck & Upper Back (17:56)

Holy Shoulder Stretch! Didn't realize how bad my shoulders had gotten. A common ailment for hairstylist is shoulder pain, because we are constantly moving our arms up and down. I don't experience any shoulder pain currently, but my muscles we're very tight, so this sequence felt better than I expected.

Day 24 No Sweat Morning Yoga (16:24)

I will definitely have to memorize that sequence and start doing it first thing in the morning. It would also be a really good sequence for stress relief.

Day 25 Sun Salutation Yoga Flow (13:47)

I love doing Sun Salutations! This sequence is a rather basic and easy flow. Could easily do every day!

Day 26 Yoga for the Office (10:37)

Office, train, airplane, you grandma's house, you can do this sitting sequence pretty much anywhere. I would have loved this sequence back when I worked in an office. Sitting all day in front of a computer, you really get stiff and sore. These stretches would have made me a lot happier person back then.

Day 27 Yoga for the IT Band (16:26)

As a runner this sequence felt fantastic! But really this sequence is good for just about everyone.

Day 28 Learning Dancer Pose (12:03)

This was fun to learn. I could see Dancers Pose being a frustrating pose for some people, because it requires a good amount of balance. But as long as you just relax and don't worry about balance, you'll get a little giggle with each wobble.

Day 29 Yoga for Better Sleep (14:32)

I almost fell asleep while doing this sequence. I occasionally suffer from insomnia, so this sequence will definitely come in handy!

You realize (alert, side tracking!) just when you assume you are completely oblivious to advertising you get a banner ad that somehow captures your attention. I just noticed an awesome banner for an extraordinary IT service provider. They really ought to get the reference 😉 Ok, i'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, back to the post.

Day 30 Full Body Yoga (13:58)

What a nice way to end this series.I was expecting something a little more intense, but it was nice and easy and had a really nice flow.

So there ya have it. Done. I'll miss this series. It was nice to learn new poses that are basic and for everybody. The instructor Erin Motz is lovely and explains how to get into and out of every position. Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed these videos.

I'll mention that I got the idea for this article speaking with Liz at Multiline services. Thanks for that. I suppose you will find ideas in unanticipated places.

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