Build muscle And Loose Fat Fast with right nutrition

Do you want to Build muscle and loose fat fast and get optimum and effective results for your workouts? If so you need to take your nutritional intake in the workout window very seriously. Your work out window is the crucial time that begins just before your workout and lasts for several hours post your work out. What you eat in this time frame is crucial both for loosing fat, building or repairing muscles. Typically eating complex carbohydrates and proteins about an hour prior to your work out will help activate your nutrition and blood flow to your Muscles. This would also boost the amino acid levels the body. During your exercise/workout window your muscles gets drained out it's glycogen reserves. Long duration or endurance workouts need constant supply of energy, without which your can go into a catabolic stage where it will break down muscle. It is therefore important to consume carbohydrates before your workout, so that your muscles get loaded with glycogen. This process is reffered to as "Glycogen Loading". Glycogen Loading helps to build muscle and lose fat fast.

Build Muscle And Loose Fat Fast

Post your workout it is very important that you refuel your muscles with whatever it has lost by your Post Workout Meals. For several hours after your workouts your body's receptiveness towards absorbing nutrion is very high. Your body will practically absorb everything it gets to provide nutrition to fuel muscle recovery and growth. The most important time frame is the first 15-20 Mins post your workout. One would experience different results if one had a post workout drink after 15 minutes, compared to say some thing after 45 minutes. Post workout nutritionshould also be essentially in liquid form, so as to enable quick digestion and rapid absorption by the body.

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Consuming a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal and whey or simply a protein carbohydrates shake can release and supply nutrition to your muscles and keep them energized. Post your workouts again consuming a combination of carbohydrates and whey protein ( I reccend these to eggs as they are in liquid form and they get instantly diffused in the blood stream and start the recovery and muscle growth.
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Process: Approximately after an hour or so the solid meal intake can. Comprise of solid consisting of healthy fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. A typical example would comprise of pulses like kidney beans, or black eyed peas, chick peas salad with 1 -1/2 cups of boiled rice whole grain pasta some chicken or tofu with sauted vegetables.

Physical exercises causes certain changes to the metabolic levels in your body. This leads to the changes to how your body responds to the nutrional intake and how it utilizes it. The more you utilize this time frame in terms of providing your body with the right nutrition the more effective will be your muscle recovery or muscle gain and fat loss.

Nitin John
Nitin John is a fitness enthusiast who pursues fitness as his passion. After years of hard work, self diagnosis based on extensive research on food, nutrition and exercise he she'd over 88 pounds of weight and got ripped with muscles. Ever since John has been pursuing fitness passionately which has helped him not only stay fit but also motivate others. He has extensively researched on food & nutrition, performance & sports nutrition, exercise, endurance training, functional training among other areas of fitness. Nitin John is also actively engaged on social networking sites in providing fitness tips and motivate others to stay fit.

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