How many times have I been at The Medical City emergency room?...

How many times have I been at The Medical City emergency room? Countless! You are reading it right. I've been there for times I can hardly even remember. When I got sick, my mom got sick, my husband got sick, when I was pregnant and having unusual contractions, when I gave birth and my daughters get sick, I had an operation, hubby had an operation. Name it!

I'm sorry, just have got to talk about this. In my email as I write this and I noticed an ad for this webpage, It's the fourth ad I've come across from them today! I believe I am being stalked! Alright, I will resume what I was writing 😉

I have always been a happy patient. Very much satisfied about the services being provided by this hospital. I have never been disappointed until that fateful day.

It was the usual happy evening for the family. Hubby (as always was upstairs playing Star Ocean) while the twins, sister-in-law, my brother and I are downstairs playing. It was past nine in the evening, hubby and I haven't had our dinner yet. I was too lazy to call my husband for dinner and so I asked Scieszka to call him. She hurriedly ran towards the stairs and when she was at the 3rd step, she slipped. She cried, I got her up because she was complaining that her tummy bumped into the stairs' corner and it's aching. I carried her, thought it was just a normal fall but I got surprised to see that there was an open wound on her chin and it was profusely bleeding. I cried and while my daughter is crying I am crying even more. I was asking my brother to call an ambulance so we can rush her to the hospital and I mean a reputable hospital.

In our place, we have several hospitals nearby but most of them, I don't trust. Once, I brought my daughter, Elysia to the nearest Emergency hospital in our area when she was 11 months old and can't breathe. We went in at 3AM, the guard was sleeping, the receptionist was sleeping and we have to wake her up. She called a nurse, she interviewed us and guess what, she asked us to wait because the doctor is still sleeping!!!! For Pete's sake, my daughter is in a critical situation and the doctor is sleeping? And they call it Emergency Hospital, huh! I just had them do first aid and asked them for the ambulance, we rushed her to Medical City where she was diagnosed with croup.


Going back to Scieszka's case, we headed to Medical City via ambulance. And since swine flu has been reported to spread in the country, a lot of patients are in the ER. It's as if they are lining up for a lottery draw. Our case was classified as trauma so we we're immediately assisted inside. But there are a couple of trauma patients too and we had to wait. I'm glad hubby learned first aid and he asked me to bring an ice pack and put it over the wound to prevent further bleeding. When it was our turn, she was assessed by an Intern (a practicing doctor so to speak). He called his senior to ask for second diagnosis and I was told that the wound will be sutured. As if I have a choice. I agreed, signed a waver because she will be given a local anesthesia. I was just wondering why hospitals ask us to sign a waver whenever anesthesia will be administered (is this so that they are not to blame when something happens to you? Really now.)

And after the other trauma patients we're attended to, finally, it's our turn. I laid her down to bed and she was already crying. The male nurse covered her with a blanket since she was very strong and she was resisting terribly. It was already over 10 minutes of struggle with my daughter and the male intern doctor is still roaming around looking for the correct bottle of betadine solution since he got SOAP solution in another bottle! My GOD! My daughter is already yelling and she is in pain! I don't know what this doctor is doing but whatever it is, I just hope he could move a bit faster. I know and I understand that interns are necessary for doctors to learn and be more efficient but (pardon the word) damn, can you not do it to someone who can tolerate your pace? At least understand that your patient is a child. I could have yelled and I could've even gone amok! But I opted to be quiet because I wanted my daughter to be treated without any issues. Yes, the suture was done by the INTERN!


After that holocaust, I felt very disappointed. But I could not complain. With the number of patients that day, I perfectly understand that they are also human and they get tired. I was just upset and frustrated. I have never been treated there like that. I just do hope that the intern will improve and become a better doctor someday.

As for my daughter, she is now OK and recovering.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this. I should point out that this was requested by David at Annuity educator. always love suggestions and comments.

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