30 Day Yoga Challenge Update

Well, week 1 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge is over and so far so good.

Day 1 Opening the hips (19:36) Considering the hip issues I have had recently this workout felt so good. My hips we're very tight and the stretches in this video helped open them up.

Day 2: Chest & Shoulders (17:47) This workout also felt good at the time. However, when I woke up the next morning my left shoulder was a bit tight and sore. I probably over stretched them, so I made a note to take it easy with the next work out.

Day 3: Yoga for Posture (15:18) Because of how sore my shoulders we're from the day before I took it easy with this work out, and I couldn't be happier. Today's workout felt so good. The lotus pose looked hard but was actually pretty easy and felt amazing!

Day 4: Abs (12:36) This workout kicked our asses! That's really all I have for this workout, IT KICKED OUR ASSES!!!

Day 5: Core Strength (11:48) More ab work with this workout. Today was a little easier then yesterday, and I am definitely feeling this whole week in my abs. Laughing has become painful.

Day 6: Lower Back (15:59) Considering we did ab work the last two days we we're so happy for a non ab day. Today's workout was a lot of stretching the back which felt amazing!

Day 7: How to do Crow pose (11:24) So Crow pose is HARD! Luckily this workout wasn't very long. We did get a good laugh trying to do this pose. Lots of almost falling on our faceslol. It also hurts the back of your arms which is a bummer.

Ha ha ha! E mail marketing does work... the proof is the fact I'm mentioning Calitso IT who just sent me a brilliant promo message. Anybody looking for a managed IT service? Sorry, tangent I know... I am going to make an effort to concentrate.

As a whole week one was good. I'm looking forward to week two.

I'm going to mention that I actually got the thought for this posting chatting to Brenda over at bounce events. Many thanks for that. Guess you will find inspiration in unexpected places.

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