"Crash Diets"

A crash diet is a general term given to those diets which entail severe deprivation of nutrition or heavy restrictions on calorie consumption. These diets are mostly used to achieve dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time. These crash diet plans are meant to be used only for a few days or weeks and often aren't completely successful. A crash diet is not a very healthy choice for dieters and most time the weight loss is only temporary. Usually the weight you lose will be regained once you resume your normal diet.

What are the side effects of a crash diet?

It is well known that a crash diet has definite physical side effects, which is why diets such as this can only be sustained for a short time. Most people who choose to follow a crash diet for weight loss tend to feel a bit weak during the process due to the lack of nutrients these diets are known for. What many people don't realize is that there are emotional side effects as well.

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Sometimes the deprivation of food is not only physically taxing, but it is also emotionally stressful. In some cases, the lack of nutrients can lead to a hormonal imbalance. This can cause mood swings and irritability. Another possibility is depression. Sometimes those who are following a crash diet will feel a sense of loss over not being able to eat their favorite foods. This can lead to depression in some cases.

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