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Many massage clients, and perhaps massage therapists, often search the Web in quest of finding the best massage companies. In both cases the quest is futile because there are no best massage companies. Why? because massage is a one on one endeavor.

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For example, after signing up for a health plan most people want to select their own doctor. They don't want the assigned one. Pick one that you feel comfortable with, that you trust, that you can work with, one that's competent.

When your enrolled with a massage chain they give you a therapist, you did not select. In big massage chain operations you end up having to pay for the whole operations, the owner,the staff, the facility, and the therapist. In these times, there is just not enough money to go around. The therapist is unhappy and cannot give you their best effort. They are often newcomers to the profession, underpaid and overworked. Those same therapists are googling, searching the Web, also, to find "top massage companies" because they are looking for a better place to work. Ah, we have come full circle.

One question no one ever asks when looking for a medical massage therapist. "Have you ever been seriously hurt yourself?". It's a great question and should be asked often. Who better to help you recover than someone experienced in all the obstacles to getting better.

As a young man, I felt invincible, and that any activity could beaccomplishedwithout consequence, but that turned out not to be true. At one point, through work exhaustion combined with a basketball injury to my back, I got laid out, big time. Standing upright was not possible; my right thigh spasmed severely. Because of stabbing low back pains, sitting down was not possible, not even to go to the bathroom. Laying down helpless the thigh spasms would come and stay, locking me up so mercilessly that my whole body would shake and break out in a cold sweat. The pain was so intense I felt that I could pass out. I prayed to pass out!

Well, I ended up in a nursing home wearing a diaper. I will spare you all the indignities suffered during my stay.

Eventually, I recovered, fully. Although my Physical Therapist told me that I would not be able to play basketball again, I struggled for a different outcome. That prognosis turned out not to be true. Now, I still play at age 53.

So when you tell me your story, you can bet I can relate at least to what your going through,maybe even help you get back to health!

Successful companies like Google don't get that way by accident. Even in these difficult times, the company thrives. Why? They think outside of the box. They throw most conventional thinking out the window. They always ask how they can improve what they are doing. Of course, unlike most companies, their employees are highly motivated and very creative. Fortune magazine ranked them as the number 1 company to work for. It was no surprise to hear that all their employees can receive massage as ajob benefit,right at their facilities.

Google's Massagetherapists are treated with the kind of respect not often afforded in the "real" world, working no more than 12 hours a week. Contrast that withMassage Envy'ssweatshop-like conditions and meager wages that take advantage of under-trained and undereducated recent "graduates". I bring this up because Massage Envy does a lot of the "massage" businessbut they don't really provide much steak,just the sizzle. So, it is not really massage you receive and,therefore, it is more a luxury then a real benefit to your health. Don't take my word for is what others think! The Massage Envy ? or this spa site.

At Google, the therapists are well trained and represent what massage is really all about. Does the company you work for provide massage for employees? No? Well maybe they ought to think about it, think outside the box!

To really be good at something, anything really, requires a level of excitement, enthusiasm, in a word, passion. Without passion, your work, though acceptable, will never demonstrate excellence. I had a crazy drive to become a Massage Therapist. Massage itself was not my passion, it was the desire to help people heal: massage became the vehicle to achieve that goal.

Of course, 18 year ago, when I began my career, the profession was much misunderstood, many viewed massage as fluff, a luxury for the wealthy, a palliative, or, at worst, a cover for prostitution. Today, the profession has advanced and made some inroads. People are beginning to hear good things about the benefits of this old healing practice. At the same time, the popularity that many of us massage pioneers helped create is being lost in a flood of new under- trained, under- qualified recruits who through no fault of their own cannot meet the higher expectations of today's informed client. The pressure to make big money has led to a decline in the quality of service provided. Substance and performance have given way to slick promos and empty promises.

Massage is more than what meets the eye. For Instance, each human body has it's own unique topography. Each person has a quality of depth, composition, and complexity which is like no other, and presents a different challenge. Nowadays, the average massage therapist delivers a massage much the same way a house painter applies a coat of paint, uniformly, superficially, and repetitively, with no regard to the unique qualities of the individual. Witness the birth of "fast food" massage.

Even legitimate Massage Therapists can be rubbed the wrong way. Understand, I have been a Massage Therapist for over 17 years. It still hurts to hear the one liners from people who ought to know better, or maybe not. I look at Massage ads in the paper, or in a phone book, or under the category "Therapeutic Massage" on craigslist, and I feel sick. Of course, many of these "people" are not Massage Therapists but they fly in under that banner, and because of it,potential clients become leery about Massage. I understand, and believe you me, it gets under my skin. Sometimes I just want to give it up. But no, perhaps these Massage impostors are going to end up ruining itfor all the really good hard working Therapists that have done so much good for our communities. I don't know, but I don't want the art of Massage lost to the public, it is much to needed, to be squandered away.

On the other end of the spectrum are establishments like Massage Envy, who I believe under-compensate, their mostly new graduate fledgling Therapists, and hard sell the customers into Massage "packages". These overworked therapists break down fast, and the turnover is high. Customers are also pressured into tipping. I'm sure there not all like that, however I hear it quite a bit, and more.

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