State of Dentistry in Kent

By definition, dentistry is defined to be a branch of medicine that is consecrated to that diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental care and oral illness. This means the dentist is fully concentrated on the teeth, the mouth area, and all the surrounding structures. This also means that dentistry has been around for centuries. Oral health care has been a concern for mankind for a long time and, with modern advancements in technology and dental materials, there's never been a greater state of dentistry in Kent.

Dental and oral care has been a concern for every culture throughout the world and anciently there we're three main causes for toothaches: tooth demons, tooth worms, or the humors. One of the few earliest records found in an inscription of dental treatments comes from some sort of tablet in Nineveh, or the site Jonah visited subsequent to traveling by whale. This is known as The Legend of the Toothworm. This thought of worms causing dental decay was widely known and accepted by western cultures and wasn't even discredited until 1728.

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To place the modern state of dentistry in Kent in a better perspective, let us examine one basic dentistry tool; this would be your toothbrush. If you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, then this tool is no stranger. Think of the comfortable grip, soft bristles, and the plastic and rubber materials. The present day toothbrush makes oral hygiene easy, achievable, and effective. Now imagine what it would be like to use a toothbrush made with bristles from cold climate pigs or maybe a wooden chew stick. Not only has the toothbrush advanced considerably, but so has dentistry in most cases.

Advanced State of Dentistry in Kent

The first dental college opened in 1840 and, from the time, dentists have been able to receive a structured education. This has caused the creation and invention of many new technologies and methods that make it much easier to care for ones teeth, gums, and oral structures. With 20th century innovations and techniques, dentists not only employ a better understanding of dental disease and prevention, but also possess much better materials to work with.

If you have been putting off a trip to your dentist in Kent, then prepare yourself for a whole bunch of new options designed to keep your smile healthy and stunning. So if you are one day driven to our dentist office because of problems, illness, or guilt, below are a few modern advancements you will probably find with this advanced state of dental care in Kent. When you visit our office we hope that you will be amazed and thrilled by these improvements.

Modern Dentistry Developments

  • Digital X-rays
  • Diode Lasers Used to Find Cavities
  • Better Bonding Materials
  • Invisalign Orthodontics
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Implants
  • Gum Disorder Treatments
  • Local Anesthesia

Numerous newer methods and technologies make dental treatments more comfortable, more efficient, and more affordable. Not only do you receive safer treatment, but we are also able to treat your dentistry problems faster and with much more effectively. So now, instead of fearing the pain and suffering the anxiety associated with dental visits, you don't have to worry. With a multitude of changes and advancements within the dental industry there's never been a better time to take care of your teeth.

Present day methods, technology, and materials have greatly improved almost all aspects of dental treatments. This current state of dentistry in Kent can present you with long lasting treatments designed to wow everyone around you. So don't turn away your regular visits. Contact our office today and make best use of what modern advancements provides.

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