Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

We had Easter dinner at our house this year with the extended families. My oldest daughter came over and showed me a sugar scrub she made. She came across the recipe while searching online for how to get Easter egg dye off of skin..Not sure how that worked out.

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But what she did was take the sugar scrub recipe she found and tweaked it using the ingredients she had on hand. She decided to give it a minty smell and added some mint extract she had at the house. Then she found some green sugar sprinkles she had left over from Christmas and thought that if she added some of the green sugar sprinkles it would have a speckled look to go with the mint smell. What happened is the green sugar sprinkles turned the entire mixture green, which worked out even better. It went along with the mint smell and it doesn't come off on your skin like food coloring would have. Do not use food dye! I have to say her sugar scrub turned out fabulous! When she asked me to try it out on my hands, I was hooked. I never felt such softness to my hands before.I don't know where she found her recipe but I do know what she used.

Keep in mind there are many variations you can do to this recipe. But basically you take,

1 cup of granulated sugar add
approximately 1/4 cup of oil and stir together.
Add additional flavor or essential oil as you desire.(I used 1/4 t. of coconut extract)
We used vegetable oil we had on hand but you can use whatever oil you prefer to make yours such as coconut oil. Essential oils would work well for your various scents in this recipe but if you don't have them you can use food extract as well. It still makes a fabulous scrub for the hands, feet and rest of the body. Think of the variations you can do with this recipe! The general idea behind this particular recipe came to me when browsing around on and even though they're a dentist I figured it's a situation anyone might possibly benefit from.

I made a coconut sugar scrub by adding some coconut extract to mine. Coconut oil would have been great and probably what I will use next time. This will be a recipe of mine I will be keeping on hand and using over and over. It makes a great exfoliant!

Note: When using on the face, some people prefer to make a Brown sugar scrub. It is less abrasive than the granulated sugar.

Sources For This Article - Thank you for the late-night efforts Kasen. - Once again, thank you for sharing the photos. - Thank you so much for your late-night efforts Brooklynn. - You trully are delightful person!

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