Is this “Teeth to Stay – All in 1 Day©” procedure right for me?
If your dentures are holding you back from living life to the full – then you’ll want to know more about this revolutionary permanent tooth solution!

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation appointment to find out if this or another treatment option is right for you. At Smiles Unlimited, we realize that every patient is unique. We are committed to putting you (the patient) first. We will customize a treatment solution to meet your specific needs.

I have problems with my dentures. How much do dental implants cost?
Cost depends on your treatment needs. To determine which treatment solution best fits your needs and budget, come in for a no-obligation consultation appointment.


I have a partial denture. Can I still get this “Teeth to Stay – All in 1 Day©” procedure done?
The “Teeth to Stay – All in 1 Day©” procedure refers to securing new, permanent teeth in edentulous patients (i.e., patients who do not have any teeth at all)… however, we most definitely have permanent teeth solutions for those who only have 1 or a few teeth missing. Call us for a consultation appointment to find out which options may be right for you.

Why would I want a dental implant instead of a more traditional treatment?
Dental implants:

  • Provide a permanent solution. Dental implants are fixed and stable – there are no loose parts to worry about losing. Normally, implants will serve its owner for life.
  • Preserve natural teeth. With traditional dental bridges – teeth adjacent to missing teeth are ground down to be used as anchors for a dental bridge. Dental implants eliminate the need to modify healthy teeth.
  • Improve appearance. When an entire tooth (crown and root) is lost – shrinkage of the jawbone may cause your face to look older (“sunken in”). Because dental implants fuse with your bone, they can stop the shrinkage process.

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