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Our office offers advanced digital imaging services to both our patients and patients of referring offices. Our Planmeca ProMax Scanner easily produces high quality digitally accurate images in both 2-Dimensions and 3-Dimensions. This digital technology permits your doctor to precisely diagnose problems and optimally construct treatment plans based on your anatomical findings. This technology brings patient care to an entirely new level. For example, a small 3-D CBCT* scan enables the doctor to diagnose a subtle root fracture or missed canal as the reason for ongoing pain in a tooth that previously received root canal treatment; this diagnosis would not be achievable using traditional x-ray images and protocols.

The digital CBCT scans offered at our facility are vastly different than medical CT Scans. Our scans are performed with the patient upright (standing or sitting), in contrast to the uncomfortable enclosed horizontal posture of a hospital CT unit. As well, the Planmeca CBCT is known for its extremely low radiation, speed (less time required) and high image quality.

Below are a few common reasons doctors choose to have their patients scanned at our facility:

– Teeth, Hard Tissues and Surrounding Anatomical Evaluation
– Dental Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
– TMJ / TMD Jaw Function
– Orthodontic Evaluation & Treatment
– Impacted / Wisdom Teeth Surgery
– Guided Implant Surgery
– Sinus / Airway Evaluation

All digital scans are performed onsite. When requested:

– An accompanying interpretation/report can be made available to the referring doctor approximately 10 days from the scan.
– DICOM* files can be sent to referring doctor in disc format. (+ Imaging Viewer)
– Nobel Guide Conversion & Viewer are also available.

Please Note:
3-Dimension CBCT Scans are considered premium diagnostic imaging procedures.
If you have a third party dental benefit package through your employer, please note that CBCT Scans do not qualify as routine dental x-ray procedures.

* CBCT = Cone Beam Computerized Tomography
* DICOM = Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

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