Whether you have a tooth that is slightly discolored or shaped differently, bonding may be your answer. We can bond and blend tooth-colored composite to your enamel esthetically that it your tooth will take on a new shade or shape. This technique is ideal for correcting any slight mis-matches present in your smile zone.

Porcelain Crowns (Nobel Procera™)
Every one of our crowns are custom-fabricated in the laboratory. A crown encompasses the broken down tooth to provide strength and esthetics. Because the crowns are porcelain, the tooth will never have the all-too-familiar ‘grey line’ along the gums typically seen in old-style porcelain/metal crowns. Procera™ porcelain is used so that biocompatibility, perfect colour match and fit is always achieved!

Porcelain Veneers (Procera Laminates™)
Veneers are laboratory-fabricated thin faces of porcelain used to close spaces, restore the shape/position of chipped teeth, or brighten a smile where heavy discoloration is present.

ZOOM2®! Whitening
ZOOM2®! Professional Chairside Teeth Whitening is one of our most popular services sought. We use the ZOOM2®! System (the same one used in ABC’s Extreme Makeover) to whiten your smile. The professionally applied gel gently removes unsightly yellow stains and discolorations with amazing results. Have whiter teeth – in about an hour!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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