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Here at Smiles Unlimited Dental Centre, we believe in the importance of providing high quality dental care while putting the comfort, safety, and well-being of our patients first.  We pride ourselves in being a team of professionals that is committed to serving others with excellence, integrity, and heart!

Dr. Bernard Jin, Dr. Carlee Beuk, Dr. Sangwoo Ham, Dr. Stefanie Leonor and our entire team of hygienists, certified dental assistants, and support/administrative staff would like you to have such a positive experience at our office that you won’t be able to keep it to yourself!  We welcome new patients and truly appreciate your referrals!

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Smiles Unlimited is a progressive dental office located in Coquitlam, BC (in the Vancouver Lower Mainland TriCities close to Burnaby/SFU).   We are a practice that offers a wide range of services for your convenience.  From preventive dental care to cosmetic treatments or a complete smile makeover utilizing the latest dental implant solutions, you can be confident that you will receive the utmost commitment of care from us.

Are you a little nervous about seeing the dentist?  We have great news!  We offer sedation dentistry!  Click below on the “Relaxation Dentistry” icon for more information.

Come experience the Smiles Unlimited difference. We’ll help keep you smiling for a lifetime!


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You Should Choose SmilesUnlimited?

At SmilesUnlimited we sincerely look at being a dentist incredibly gravely. We recognize that undeniably any time consumers are shopping for a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam people desire the greatest. That's why all of us strive to truly be the smartest dentist we all can be throughout British Columbia. It really is our devotion to absolutely embodying the finest that has generated all of us such good admiration here with our own consumers.

As a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam we all also definitely endeavor to make time to unravel every one of our clienteles' problems with patience and devoid of delay. We all inevitably put in the time. We all believe it is very vital to ensure customers feel truly recognized and of course looked after.

There are not very many dentist which currently have the exact skills together with track record to brand their business as a mentor for their market. Mix that together with a increased amount of purchaser service and we truly really feel we're absolutely the greatest first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam around British Columbia.

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Phone 604 951 0115.

We are pleased to explore your dentist inquiries in more detail on the telephone or through email in case that works more effectively for your needs. Following that we will offer the choice which most effective meets your present circumstances. Find out why folks call us the right first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam!

Even Now Require Prodding? Some Other Reasons Why SmilesUnlimited is certainly A Dentist In Coquitlam

Commitment to High-Quality - A Coquitlam Based Dentist and A Dentist In Coquitlam BC

Our loyalty to higher quality is actually extremely substantial. When you are attempting to be a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam or a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, there is really not one other choice but to do your very best in order to shine. In case any given customer calls for further work, we all afford that particular buyer extra care. Just about anything to be confident they are happy with us all as a dentist. Also remember, we do work with just about all of British Columbia, therefore make sure you contact us today.

Perseverance - A Dentists Office In Coquitlam and A Cosmetic Dentist In Coquitlam BC

Many customers have described our team as a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam and furthermore the ideal British Columbia situated dentist you will discover! That will not just happen if you're lacking extremely diligent work in addition to persistence for the all-important clientele and also the quality bestowed within your completed product. When you will be shopping around to get a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, we truly believe we are truly the ideal selection. Simply phone SmilesUnlimited to look at your current needs today! 604 951 0115.

Experience - A Coquitlam Based Cosmetic Dentist and A Coquitlam Based Family Dentist

In most any marketplace, skill can be a big ingredient in regards to overall results. If you are looking for a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, then this point will be all the more accurate. Being a dentist, we all will definitely tell you firsthand how the final quality is actually driven through the experience of the business that you have been employing. The large volume of experience which SmilesUnlimited has got in being a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, is undoubtedly precisely why a person have to trust us all for your invaluable critical needs. If you're looking to get a first-class dental professional based in Coquitlam, think of SmilesUnlimited. Ensure you consult with all of us without delay.

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We will never be beaten. Just don't pay high costs merely because you failed to inquire with us. Thinking you are getting an untouchable value ? Need to be absolutely utterly confident? Discuss with all of us. You may simply learn that we're indeed better value. Many folks have .

Choosing the best dentist to work with is a critical undertaking. Make an educated decision. You'll want to communicate with us with actually zero obligation to know if we all are in fact the optimal dentist for your needs.

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